CDDO Policies and Procedures

Last Revision: 10/2018
Notice of Privacy Practices
Table of Contents: (PDF)

CDDO-001  CDDO Written Policies and Procedures – Revised 10/18
CDDO-002  Implementation Responsibilities – Revised 10/18
CDDO-003  Single Point of Application and Referral – Revised 10/18
CDDO-004  Case Management / Service Coordination – Deleted 9/08
CDDO-005  Uniform Access to Services – Revised 10/18
CDDO-006  Quality Oversight / Quality Enhancement – Revised 10/18
CDDO-007  Continuity and Portability of Services – Revised 10/18
CDDO-008  Gatekeeping – Revised 10/18
CDDO-009  Statewide Service Access List – Revised 10/18
CDDO-010  Council of Community Members – Revised 10/22
CDDO-011  Dispute Resolution – Revised 10/18

CDDO Protocols

Cottonwood CDDO Protocols were developed with input from Affiliates, individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and the CDDO. All protocols are systems in compliance with Local, State, and Federal policies that have been developed to ensure consistency, enhance quality, and increase efficiency within our CDDO area. The Protocols are to be used by Affiliates and the CDDO as an instructional guide to our area systems.  Input regarding Protocols is encouraged and may result in changes.